Learning All About Tiles

Learning All About Tiles

Tiling Product Reviews For DIY Beginners

Product reviews are the do-it-yourself home improver’s best friend. Most of us are doing work on our homes that’s unlike anything we’ve done before. That means you’re working from guides, tutorial videos, and some improvisation. This is especially true in specialty situations, like tiling. Since tile doesn’t need to be replaced very often, it’s probably not something you’ve done before.

What that adds up to is the fact that you don’t know which products are going to be better than others in specific situations. You know you need a tile cutter, for example. But there are wet saws, tile grinders, tile snaps, and hand-held saws. They come with different kinds of blades, and some don’t use blades at all. What’s a beginner to do? Read product reviews, of course!

Tiling product reviews

Find product reviews that mention the kind of work you’re going to be doing. A review for a tool that someone used to put in their bathroom floor tile might not be relevant if you want to repair your kitchen backsplash, for example. You might need something different for small spaces versus large ones, or for outdoor versus indoor tile.

Good tiling product reviews can generally be found on the same sites that offer tutorials and guides on how to do tiling. Watch out for affiliate or referral links, though; you want to be certain they’re recommending the tool because they truly think it’s the best one in that situation, not because they’ll make a commission off your purchase.

Another way to get tiling product reviews is to ask the workers at your local home improvement store. Since they make the same per hour whether you buy expensive products or not, they have no incentive to recommend a tool that’s more than you’ll need for your project. Usually, they’re knowledgeable and very happy to help!

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